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Who We Are



The Firm

Leo Parrella Design Group is a full service design firm based in Southern California. The firm considers all elements of the project, from detailed elevations, the flow of floor plans, down to the interiors and fine furnishings. Each of these elements are designed with the highest level of detail and attention to craftsmanship resulting in the ultimate luxury living. We believe a well designed home is layered, luxurious & comfortable. A balance we have managed throughout our projects ranging in scale from Los Angeles & Manhattan to the beaches of Laguna & Miami.


Leo Parrella

P A R T N E R 

From an early age, Leo found himself captivated by design. From years traveling the world as Creative Director for billion dollar fashion Brands, he developed a passion for interiors and founded the firm in 2004 on the Coast of California in Laguna. With more than 20 plus years of design experience, his approachable yet elevated philosophy invokes progressive & timeless design.




Steven Strickland


Steven's distinguished career in design spans more than 30 years. From leading Store Design teams for billion dollar fashion brands to multiple roles as Chief Marketing Officer in addition to being an Executive Board member - Steven brings a unique perspective to the design process and execution. His refined and hands-on approach integrates all aspects of design to deliver beautiful homes with superb precision. 




Matt Brinkley

J U N I O R  P A R T N E R

Born in Southern California and raised with a global perspective, Matt's love of design is both worldly & luxurious. With the obsession of a scientist and the heart of an artist, his creativity culminates in design that is unique, complex and livable. His attention to detail ensures the design on paper is translated to the final interior.